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Web Site Valuation

This website opens up to the public information on how much money each website on the web makes from advertising. To do this we start with an estimate of the traffic each website receives. We then categorize sites based on their industry because certain businesses like credit cards and airfare can make more revenue off advertising than other businesses like pet supplies. Next, based on a website's incoming traffic and their industry we calculate the potential profit that they could make if they had well positioned effective advertising on their site.

After that we do the math, we then factor in feedback from our visitors who vote to bump certain parts of the calculations up or down. The last step in our process is leaving the final decision up to you, our visitor. All of the fields in our calculation are open text boxes and you are free to experiment with trying any value you see fit in the equation for calculating what a website is worth.

Advertising Revenue

People come to to casually browse the estimated value of websites in order to gain a better understanding of the economics behind the World Wide Web. Website owners come to to find out how much earning potential their own site has. Finally, businesses use to check up on competitors and better understand their own positioning within the market.

Page Traffic Information

Make your one stop for estimating website traffic, valuation and advertising potential. That way you'll be getting the most accurate estimates possible incorporating user feedback from visitors around the world. Keep your eye here in the coming months to watch this site grow.